FSS 4Flexible Spring Suspension 4

INNOVATIVE NEW Probing Solution for R&D and Mass Production
of All Cell Designs Providing Long Mechanical Durability of 10 milliom strokes


Sample of Bus Bar Less PV cell

Sample of Multi Bus Bar PV cell

Sample of Shingled PV cell

Various new electrode patterns and large cell size being developed for the purpose of improvement of PV cell efficiency and decrease of production cost:
  • Busbar less ( No Busbar )
  • IBC ( Back Contact )
  • Multi Busbar ( Fine Busbar close to Finger electrode width)
  • Half & Trple cut cell
  • Shingled cell ( Electrically independent electrode)
  • 210mm SQ Size Cell
Major and Common concern that Conventional pin type probe bars cannot cope up with this new trend in both production line and R&D to measure stable and precise IV characteristics.
INNOVATIVE probing technology of “FSS 4”

Feature of FSS 4 technology

  • Change to Line Contact with Stable 4 Wire Connection Structure from Pin contact, enabling precise I-V Curve Measurement for the Innovative cells of the various design such as Busbar-less, which Conventional Pin-Probe cannot achieve.

  • Soft touch contact of 0.16N/single strip (35N/single FSS 4 for MI2 210mm SQ cell) to the finger electrodes by the unique structure. Best fit to HJT cell.

  • High Reliability probe structure because of Monolithic Construction with No Sliding motion.
    Thinner (1.2mm) than the Conventional Pin-Probe reducing Shade on cell.

  • Excellent Reproducibility better than ± 0.02% for Isc and Voc, better than ± 0.05% for Pmax and better than ± 0.04% for FF, and better than +/- 0.012mΩ for Rs.

  • Benefit to Total Cost Performance because of Long Mechanical Durability of 10millione strokes.

  • Equivalent Electrical Characteristics to Pin-Probe for Bus-Bar cell and FSS 4 can be used for the Conventional Bus-Bar cell as well.

  • Excellent Compatibility with Pin-Probe in Production Line for Easy Introduction.

  • The FSS 4 can cope up with the Large Size cell up to even Over M12 210mm SQ and Double Half cut cell in one FSS 4 (FSS 4 Double - 2 channels).3 Chaneks Possible as well.

  • Patent for the structure of FSS 4 is Approved.

  • Unique Spring Structure enabling
    Excellent and Soft Touch Contact
    Line contact to all finger electrodes
    by Half Pitch Staggered design
  • Reproducibility of I-V Measurements (Dynamically Measured, 6” BBL HJT Cell)

  • Durability
    Mechanical Durability : Over 10 Million strokes
    PERC Cell Mass Production Conditious : 10 million strokes

  • Comparison with Pin-Probe (Electrical Characteristics)

  • Compatibility with Pin-Probe (Production Line)

    Smart & Simple Frame for Double Half Cut Cells

FSS 4 Line Up

Available for cell size from M2 157mm SQ to M12 210mm SQ and Harf Cut for M12 . The FSS 4 can accommodate Any Size of Large cell even Over 210mm SQ.


Cell Setter for R&D KSJ Series Fitting up to 220mm cell size

  • Cell Setter
    Max 12 FSS 4 Probe Bars
    can be mounted
    KOPEL KSJ-200 Series
  • Cell Setter for large-size cells
    Max 24 FSS 4 Probe Bars
    can be mounted
    KOPEL KSJ-400 Series
  • Cell Setter KSJ-200 Series
    Installed in KOPEL Solar Simulator with Stage Plate Sliding out

Feature of KSJ200/400 Series

  • The pulse motor drive method realizes very high data Repeatability and Stable Proving. The function of Vacuum Suction and Cell Temperature control can reproduce the same test conditions and contribute to the stable measurement of IV characteristics.

  • KSJ400 Series can fit to cell size of 230mm and below. Maximum 24 probe bars can be set.
    KSJ200 Series can fit to cell size of M6 166mm and below. Maximum 12 probe bars can be set.

  • Customized and Flexible Configuration for Various Types of PVs. Depending on the electrode layout of cell to be measured, different configurations are available.

  • KSJ series can be used for Conventional c-Si cell, High-Efficiency cell such as PERC, HJT, Bi-Facial, Thin Film type and Back Contact PV cell.

Solar Cell Test System High Efficiency Cell Test System for Precise IV measurement

Feature of Solar Cell Test System KSXC-5000RD

  • Stable Light Source
    The Light Instability is minimized to +/- 0.1% by newly developed proprietary power supply and control circuitry to avoid affecting measurement data. The Effective Irradiated Area 250mm SQ.

  • Accurate Electric Measurement and Optimum Probing
    Precise solar cell characteristic can be measured by a high-speed bipolar power supply that can work in 4 quadrant operation with the current range of Max 30A.

  • KOPEL Method has realized the new PDA (Photo and Dark Analysis) technology and can measure high-efficiency cells and modules, fast and accurately. Joint Development with AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).

Solar Module Test System High Efficiency Solar Module Test System fitting up to size 600W + module

Feature of Solar Module Test Series KSX2-3LA04 / KST-P80M02

  • The system can use Upward lighting with Small space, and perfect for In-Line use because Reversing of the modules is not required. Both Upward/Downward lighting is available. No Darkroom required.

  • Accurate and Stable Test Results of IV characteristics measurement for Large and High efficiency solar module. Multiple Japanese module manufactures have adopted as Standard hardware. High Efficiency module measurement software jointly developed with AIST has been installed as Standard function

  • Solar Simulator KSX2-3LA04 Effective Irradiated Area1,400cm X 2,300cm Effective Irradiated Area 1,400cm X 2,300cm Pulse Width 60 msec Unevenness of Illuminance ≦ 1.5% (IEC60904-9 Ed2) Spectrum Matching Class A+(IEC60904-9 Ed3) LTI Class A+ ≦ 0.5%

  • IV Tester KST-P80M02 Measurement Range 80V 15A (1,200W) Measurement Accuracy ± 0.2% FSR High Speed Bipolar power supply installed High Efficiency module measurement software installed as standard function

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